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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Theta Formerly Omega.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Drone (biosynthetic organism)
    Age: Unknown, but acts like a young adult.
    Alignment: TN/NG
    Class (or approximation): Cleric now.


    Equipment and Abilities: Has a shotgun for when the going gets rough. On her belt, she has a bunch of pouches.
    Fit, agile, swift, and strong.
    She is a cleric of Riara.
    Able to exude pheromones designed to attract almost any race, and harmonic frequencies to seduce robots.

    Omega's purpose rings in her mind: to seduce others. She does not seek souls, but rather social and interpersonal influence.
    She refuses to seduce children, and is against using her influence upon people who she knows are married or committed.

    Theta no longer answers to the "sex everybody up" directive.
    She does not understand love, nor does she feel it as of yet.
    She currently loves Sark. And by "love", I don't mean romantic love. She just wants him to be happy, so much that her own happiness depends on his.
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