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Miharu watched in awe. Nothing she could have prepared herself for would have been adequate for something like what she had seen. No, this was something other-worldly. Something foreign and beautiful and the only thing she knew is that she had to embrace every moment she had with it.

Once Harubo revealed the secret, her head whipped around to his. Her expression had drastically morphed from wonder into one of shock.

"A goddess?"
she asked in a curious tone. "H...How? Can you even do that?"
Harubo chuckled, this one certainly did learn slow, but no slower then Nukari, or any of the other's from this reality.

"By giving you a drink of Ambrosia fused with with my Ichor you will ascend petty mortality, and become that which you were destined to embody Miharu, but it cannot happen without your consent, so I need your word on this. Make your choice wisely Miharu."

As if from no where, a cup filled with golden liquid was delivered by a woman in earthy green tones, the jeweled goblet taking a single drop of Harubo's purple ichor, which fused with the golden liquid, darkening it, and transforming it into a platnium liquid, which he proffered to Miharu.