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    Default More Epic Martial Adept Feats [Epic 3.5 Feats]

    More Epic Martial Feats

    Dread Bearer of the Malignant Crown [Epic, Vile]
    Only archfiends walk the same molevolent path that you do, a merciless force of the Dread Crown discipline.
    Prerequisites: Any evil alignment, Intimidate 24 ranks, Cha 21, Chosen of Evil*, Evil Brand, Power Attack, ability to use the feed the maw of hell and profane consumption maneuvers.
    Benefit: You manifest a crown of congealed malevolence as a sign of your own undying evil. This crown is considered a minor artifact an can only be worn by you, any attempt put it on anyone else causes it to disperse in a cloud of smoke and appear back upon your own brow. Unlike normal magic items, this crown does not take up a slot of the body. The crown grants a +10 bonus to all Intimidate checks, and a +4 to all attack rolls dealt with Dread Crown maneuvers, but does not grant the bonus if only using a Dread Crown stance. The bearer of the crown also gains the benefit of having any foe slain by him rise as a zombie or skeleton(their choice)the next round. The limit of HD in undead he can control is equal to twice his initiator level and the undead are temporary, only lasting until the end of the day, at which point they crumble into ash.
    There are also several bonuses not requiring the wearing of the crown. You are capable of using both greater teleport and greater plane shift at will, but only on yourself or any special mount or animal companion you might have. If already capable of using greater teleport or greater plane shift at will, you are now capable of using it as a move action once per round. All attacks against good-aligned foes deal an additional 2d6 damage, or 4d6 against outsiders with the Good subtype. You gain the Evil subtype.
    *Feat can be found in Elder Evils

    Epic Quick to Act [Epic]
    You move with such swiftness and alacrity that those that act after you rarely see you even move.
    Prerequisites: Dex 25, Improved Initiative, quick to act class feature, your quick to act class feature must be at least +5.
    Benefits: The bonus granted to you by your quick to act class feature now equals to one third your swordsage level instead of the limit normally put upon you by your swordsage level. In the event of tying with someone in initiative, you add your Wis modifier to see who goes first. If you are the first in initiative you are granted the effects of the haste spell for a number of rounds equal to one quarter of your initiator level.

    Epic Steely Resolve [Epic]
    Your ability to ignore the assaults of your enemies is legendary, even standing against it for days.
    Prerequisites: Con 25, steely resolve class feature, furious founterstrike class feature, your steely resolve pool must be at least 30.
    Benefits: The pool for your steely resolve class feature is now limited to 10+your initiator level, you can refrain from taking this damage for a number of hours equal to your Con score. The bonus granted to you by your furious counterstrike class feature is now equal to one quarter of the damage pool from your steely resolve class feature, instead of one fifth.

    Master of One [Epic]
    You know every little secret of your discipline, nothing eludes your talent and skill in the ways of the discipline of your choice.
    Prerequisites: Blade Mediation (chosen discipline), Weapon Focus (any one of the chosen discipline's associated weapons), 27 ranks in the discipline's associated skill, ability to use at least one 9th level maneuver of the chosen discipline, must know at least 10 maneuvers and/or stances from the chosen discipline.
    Benefit: You gain knowledge of all of the maneuvers and stances of the chosen discipline, with the exception of those with an alignment subtype opposite yours. This does not change how many maneuvers you have granted or any other aspect of maneuver or stance use, it simply allows you to prepare any of the maneuvers of the chosen discipline.
    Special: Once this feat is taken it cannot be taken again, signifying a character's lifetime mastery of a single martial discipline.

    Patron Saint of the Golden Light [Epic, Exalted]
    You carry the very essense of the upper plains within your very soul, a beacon of holiness in golden light. You are a master of the Golden Saint discipline.
    Prerequisites: Any good alignment, Diplomacy 24 ranks, Wis 21, Nimbus of Light, Subduing Strike, ability to use the hand of heaven's judgment maneuver and the deific vigor stance.
    Benefits: Your body glows with burning positive energy, making you glow like the sun. This counts as a daylight spell but with double the range, it counts as a 9th level spell in regards to darkness and any undead creature that comes within 20 feet of you takes 1d6 damage plus 1d6 damage for every three initiator levels you have. When the aura is active, it also grants you a +10 to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks and grants you a +4 to attack rolls when using Golden Saint maneuvers, but not when merely using a Golden Saint stance. Your aura can be activated and deactivated as a free action, but only once per round.
    Even when the aura is not active, you gain other benefits from this feat. Once per round as a standard action, you are capable of using dispel evil as a spell like ability. You gain a +8 divine bonus to your armor class against attacks done by evil creatures or creatures being manipulated by evil creatures. This bonus doubles if the creature in question has the Evil subtype.

    Rage of the Oncoming Typhoon [Epic]
    You strike with inscrutible speed, where even the penalties to your damage are barely there, and you are capable of summoning the very symbol of the discipline. You are a true master of the Oncoming Storm discipline.
    Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand 24 ranks, Dex 25, Oncoming Storm Expertise, Improved Feint, Sturmundrang, ability to use the sudden death maneuver and the grace of the winds stance.
    Benefit: You gain an additional attack per round at you full attack, the attack being in addition to any effect that would grant you bonus attacks, such as a speed weapon or the haste spell. If you make a single attack action in a round, you can instead make two at your full attack bonus. Instead of taking a simple 5-foot step once per round, you may instead make a 15-foot step, though you still cannot make move actions in the round you do. Any time you use an Oncoming Storm maneuver while wielding an Oncoming Storm discipline associated weapon, or using said maneuver in an Oncoming Storm stance, your attacks deal an additional 6d6 points of damage.
    You are constantly surrounded by a torrent of violent clouds and wind. Treat this as a fog cloud spell centered on you, and the wind speed within it is considered very windy, but will not disperse the cloud. By concentrating on the cloud, the character can treat the wind speed as hurricane winds. This ability can be suppressed and reactivated as a standard action. This is a supernatural ability.

    Sure Footing of the Stance Master [Epic]
    You are a master when it comes to the footing of your stances, most particularly with a single discipline, allowing you to control the motions of them all at once.
    Prerequisites: Blade Mediation (chosen discipline), Dual Stance Mastery, Martial Lore 15 ranks, 30 ranks in the discipline's associated skill, ability to use one 8th level stance of the chosen discipline
    Benefit: When you take this feat, choose one martial discipline. Whenever you use a swift action to initiate or change your stance, you may choose to enter into as many desired stances that you know from the selected discipline. This does not change the number of stances you know from any discipline and does not change how each individual stance functions, simply that they all function simultaneously. Similar abilities from stances do not stack, with the exception of extra damage.
    Entering all stances at once only requires the space of one stance, allowing you to also enter another stance of another discipline at the same time(or two if you have the warblade's Stance Mastery class feature).
    Special: Once this feat is taken it cannot be taken again, signifying a character's lifetime mastery of a single martial discipline's stances.
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