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    Default Re: More Epic Martial Adept Feats [Epic 3.5 Feats]

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    1.I'm pretty sure you mean that, essentially, one's chosen discipline's stances are now treated as a single stance(thus, a player can still enter additional stances from other disciplines allowed from the prereq feat, or a class feature, correct?), but the feat doesn't explain how it interacts with previous feats/features. Perhaps some clarification?
    Sure, I'll work out that kink.

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    2.Martial Lore 15 ranks? That's a joke. My L10 character is 4 skill points away, and I'm not even trying. If you're going to require it, I'd say at least make it an epic requirement, at 24 ranks.
    Well, I'm just basing this off my own personal experience with the skill... that being that I have never ever used it once. Ever. It signifies passive knowledge of the ability to fight using maneuvers and whatnot without draining ALL of your skill points. True an epic feat should have epic prerequisites, so I'll probably change it to 24.

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    Dammit, Krimm. Why must you always produce awesome things that make the Tome of Battle look like the Holy Bible? Do you realize how your awesomeness hurts the rest of us? How am I supposed to react to that much epic?
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    Like the rest of us do, with sunglasses.
    Fools! there is no escape, nothing you can do will protect you! Muahahahahahahahaaaaa!
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