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Okay, but it still reads wonky. How about

Sure Footing of the Stance Master [Epic]
You are a master when it comes to the footing of your stances, most particularly with a single discipline, allowing you to control the motions of them all at once.
Prerequisites: Blade Mediation (chosen discipline), Duel Stance Mastery, Martial Lore 15 ranks, 30 ranks in the discipline's associated skill, ability to use one 8th level stance of the chosen discipline
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose one martial discipline. Whenever you use a swift action to initiate or change your stance, you may choose to enter into all of the stances that you know from the selected discipline. This does not change the number of stances you know from any discipline and does not change how each individual stance functions, simply that they all function simultaneously. Similar abilities from stances do not stack, with the exception of extra damage.
Special: Once this feat is taken it cannot be taken again, signifying a character's lifetime mastery of a single martial discipline's stances.

This way a character changes his stance, chooses to be in all the stances from one discipline, and if he's forced out of one for whatever reason, he can change his stance next turn to get back in all of them.
Looks dandy to me, thanks!

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You may also want to add in a blurb about how it interacts with a Warblade's Stance Mastery. Furthermore, I think "Duel" in "Duel Stance Mastery" should be "Dual" instead.