Subejct 39J80. Has also taken to calling himself "Dominic"

Race: 39J80 was a result of genetic experiments on a human male.

Age: Unknown

Alignment: He showed up as chaotic evil on all alignment tests performed as a result of the mutations, but strangely doesn't seem to perform many actually evil acts. Will need investigating further.

Class: Sorcerer/Construct

Power Rating: Our scientists have identified that he is approximately a 6.

Description: When hooded he is a tall impressive figure, his presence seems to extend and fill the room in which he stands. The hood completely hides his face, leaving just a dark gaping hole which seems to suck at your very soul. He blends in to the shadows, leaving you never quite sure just where he is. When he moves, it is a glide across the floor, full of his imposing might, but deadly silent. Three scientists have quit shortly after him sneeking up behind them, citing "The care of their mortal soul" As their reason for leaving. 39J80's voice is a most intimidating one, carrying across rooms and commanding attention. It has been known to send researchers scurrying from the room in terror, and is vastly intimidating. Indeed, I myself have almost been sent running when he says the most mundane of things. His hands are long, elegant instruments, his fingers tapering to sharp points. The hands are a deep black. He commonly wears a great cloak with a hood, and seems to prefer it over other garb.

When he pulls his hood down, he loses some of the intimidating qualities as his face and hair is revealed. He has messy brown hair, with a long-ish, thin nose. His eyes are a deep brown. His mouth is set a little below his nose, and is slightly smaller than average. His face is skinny, and his skin the same pinky-brown he started out with.

Equipment and Abilities: He has a wide array of potions that he made himself. All attempts to confiscate them have met with little success. Aside from that no weaponry is in his possession. He has a wide variety of magical power, most centered around his hands, proving the experiment to be a success.

Backstory: Has been created by this institute to attempt to join science and magic. Has been training since.

Affiliation: The subject seems to be loyal to this institute, but a close eye should be maintained on him.

*Here a note is affixed to the report*
Do NOT let the public see this! If they know something like this has escaped from here, we're finished!