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    Default [3.5] Epic Feats [P.E.A.C.H and suggest more!]

    Hey all!

    I'm working on my epic rules (still) and I need more epic feats, so if you've any ideas for epic-level feats then please post them.

    I've thrown out epic spellcasting as it is, so no Epic Spellcasting feats. I'm also only using some of the listed epic feats, a lot I've tossed out.

    So, what can you guys think of? ^^

    (Spell levels progress without the need for a feat, at the same speed as they do normally. Yes, full casters get 10th level spells at level 19.)

    (I'm not including any psionic feats because I donít use psionics and donít know them well enough.)

    I'll put my list up soon, I've nearly finished compiling a list.

    Edit: Ok! My list is up! Everyone P.E.A.C.H!
    Edit: The previous upload expired, so there's a new one now.

    Current revision: Word .doc
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