I'm gonna go through and just convert a lot of Exalted charms into epic feat ideas....

There Is No Wind: Give ranged attacks unlimited range.

Arrow Storm Technique: Make a single ranged attack an area attack, to represent shooting off a giant cloud of arrows as one attack.

Knockout Blow: Upgrade stunning fist, automatically deal nonlethal damage to an enemy equal to its max hp for some cost.

Peony Blossom Attack: Negate iterative attack penalties.

Iron Whirlwind: Upgrade to Peony Blossom, gain additional iterative attacks.

Iron Raptor Technique: Male melee attacks at range.

Heavenly Guardian Defense: Expend an AoO to completely negate an attack.

Ready in Eight Directions Stance: Anyone who attacks you in melee provokes a counterattack–which doesn't require you to expend an AoO.

Joint-Wounding Attack: Attacks that deal a certain amount of damage impose penalties on enemies.

Observer-Deceiving Attack: Deny an enemy their Dex bonus to AC by paying some cost.

Tiger Warrior Training Technique: Upgrade Leadership, all followers gestalt their normal levels with Fighter levels.

Elusive Dream Defense: Negate a mind-affecting ability by paying some cost, become immune to anything that would repeat that influence for the scene.

Memory-Reweaving Discipline: Use bluff checks to mimic the modify memory spell.

Husband-Seducing Demon Dance: Use Performance checks to mimic charm spells.

Hypnotic Tongue Technique: Set a contingent trigger on a social roll, so that it only hits the target later.

Adamant Skin Technique: Gain damage reduction based on your Con score.

Craftsman Needs No Tools: Make Craft checks without the need for tools or workshops, and much faster.

Judge's Ear Technique: Always know when someone is lying to you, even by magic.

Harmonious Academic Methodology: Upgrade Leadership, all your followers gain gestalt levels in Magewright.

All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight: Gain permanent true seeing and greater arcane sight.

Graceful Crane Stance: Always succeed on Balance checks.

Mountain-Crossing Leap Technique: Use Jump checks to jump for miles, instead of feet.

Lightning Speed: Run at speeds of multiple miles per hour.

Spider-Foot Style: Permanent spider climb effect.

Unsurpassed Sense Discipline: Always succeed on Spot and Listen checks.

Surprise Awareness Method: Always keep Dex bonus to AC.

Seven Shadow Evasion: Attacks made with a BAB (including attack bonuses) lower than your Dex modifier automatically miss.

Flow Like Blood: Gain AC bonuses against iterative attacks made in a full attack.

Leaping Dodge Method: Spend an AoO to jump away when you get full attacked.

Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise: Always succeed on Disguise checks.

Flawless Pickpocketing Technique: Always succeed on Sleight of Hand checks.

Lock-Opening Touch: Always succeed on Open Lock checks, no tools required.

Door-Evading Technique: Become ethereal.

Easily Overlooked Presence Method: Always succeed on Hide and Move Silently checks.

Vanishing from the Mind's Eye Method: Make retroactive Hide and Move Silently checks, to make people who've already noticed you forget you're there.

Flashing Thunderbolt Steed: Dramatically increase the speed of any mount the character rides.

Sometimes Horses Fly Approach: Any mount the character rides gains a fly speed.