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    Default Re: [3.5] Suggest Epic Feats

    Is this allowing ToB? If so...

    Epic Maneuver Recovery - At the start of your turn once per round, choose an expended maneuver and it's automatically recovered. Take this multiple times to recover more than one per round.

    Epic Boost - You may use two boosts in one swift action three times per day. You may take this multiple times to use it 3 more times per day. (Swordsage ability adds to number of times per day.)

    Epic Stance - You may gain the benefits of two stances at one time. This stacks with the warblade's Stance Mastery ability. You may take this multiple times. Each time adds an additional stance that you may use at one time. (Should probably restrict this to level 25+ and/or have some other epic feat restrictions.)

    Intensify Maneuvers 1-5 - Double all beneficial numerical effects of maneuvers and stances of first, second, third, fourth, and fifth levels. If it deals damage, double the damage dealt. If it grants resistance, adds speed, heals HP, grants a penalty, or provides a bonus, double the effect. Only numbers beneficial to you are doubled; those that penalizes you are left as they are. You may take this multiple times; each time adds 100% of the original value to the numerical bonuses.

    Intensify Maneuvers 6-9 - As Intensify Maneuvers 1-5, but applicable to all maneuvers of sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth levels. Requires Intensify Maneuvers 1-5 as a prerequisite.

    Searing Sands - While in a Desert Wind stance, you may ignore the fire resistance and fire immunity of enemies.

    Guardian of Steel - While in a Devoted Spirit stance, you may double the size of your Steely Resolve delayed damage pool. In addition, whenever an ally within 30 ft of you take damage, you make take the damage instead into your delayed damage pool as long as you have room (or take as much damage as you have room for). Any negative effects of the attack besides damage still apply to the ally struck.

    Impassive Mind - While in a Diamond Mind stance, you can always choose to take 20 on Concentration checks.

    Iron Guard - While in an Iron Heart stance, you are never considered flat-footed and may use immediate actions even before your first turn.

    Counter Strike - While in a Setting Sun stance, whenever you successfully use a Setting Sun counter against an enemy, you may immediately initiate a standard action Setting Sun strike against that enemy if they are within range of the strike,

    Ephemeral Body - While in a Shadow Hand stance, you may become incorporeal or not as a free action.

    Mountain Heights - While in a Stone Dragon stance, you no longer need to touch the earth to use Stone Dragon maneuvers.

    Leaping Tiger - While in a Tiger Strike stance, on any turn in which you make a successful Jump check, all your attacks that turn automatically threaten critical hits.

    Raven's Flight - While in a White Raven stance, every ally with a lower initiative count than you automatically have their initiative set to 1 below your own.
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