Swashbuckler: Pretty good. Good BAB, hit die, skill point, Discipline selection, and class skill choices. I'm particularly glad to see that you added Disguise, Perform, and Know (nobility) to his skill list.

The Crusader recovery method of maneuvers was a surprise, but I can see why it would be a flavorful match for the spontaneity of the Swashbuckler. It is widely considered the best recovery method in ToB, however, and the Swashbuckler's Disciplines are arguably stronger or at least easier to use than the Crusader's Disciplines. (Four Disciplines instead of three, and none of them so dependent on teammates as White Raven.) Still, since the Swashbuckler's other class features aren't very impressive in general, you're probably ok with using the Crusader recovery method. Question: can the Swashbuckler take feats that formerly were specific to the Crusader's mechanics, such as Extra Granted Maneuver? That feat is pretty much automatically selected by all Crusaders. Perhaps not allowing it is exactly the right nerf to quell my fears about the Swashbuckler being a bit too strong ...

Love Dramatic Entrance. Talk about flavor.

Are there any class features that are still Intelligence-dependent? I didn't see any as I looked through the class, but I may have missed something. I hope there is still some INT synergy. While I agree with you that the CW Swashbuckler wasn't nearly as Charisma-dependent as he should have been, I don't think INT is an inappropriate focus either.

My only big problem with the class, though, is Grace. I think it would be much more appropriate for the Swashbuckler to have a full good Reflex save, rather than a "medium save" due to Grace bonuses. If anything, perhaps it would be best to give the class poor Fortitude and good Reflex, then have the Grace ability (possibly renamed) add to Fortitude, AC, and initiative.