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Well, I'm not a CharOP wizard or anything, but Automatic Quicken 7-9 spell seems worth it even though it requires you to take the other automatic quicken spells. (Then again, automatically quickening spells level 1-3 isn't half bad, honestly, and automatically quickening 4-6 and 7-9 is just broken, and I'm sure there are ways to get the same effect by level 17 by just having the right combination of feats that makes Quicken Spell be a +0 spell). So requiring the previous ones as Prereqs is fine, though I'd consider making it 1-5 and 6-9 instead of 1-3 4-6 and 7-9.
That got nerfed to 0 and 1st w/ the first feat and then an additional spell level for every feat after that, so 9 feats to auto-quicken up to 9th.