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That Epic Tripping feat would mesh strangely with the Knock-down feat... either it would make it pointless, or the combination would mean that for every trip attack that hits, you do another trip attack (can you trip someone who's already been tripped?).
Knock down requires you to hit with a regular attack, and then requires you to make the touch attack to trip and make the check. Epic Trip allows you to make all your attacks (on a standing opponent) as touch attacks that trip and deal normal damage. So there's more benefit in epic tripping. Also, I don't see the "auto trip anybody standing up" thing being overpowered; you still have to hit with the (touch) attack, and you are more than likely able to near automatically make tripping checks if you specced for it.

To clarify a bit:

Knock Down = Make a standard attack for damage, then a touch attack, then a trip check.

Epic Tripping = Make a Touch attack for damage, then make your trip check (not needed if you hit an opponent attempting to stand.)