I'll be looking at your Ranger Variant today :P.

I'm not sure if I'm crazy about Rangers having 1st Level spells. Part of the Lore that caused Rangers to get reduced spellcasting is that they aren't instantly at one with nature to the degree that they can call upon Her powers.

Favored Enemy
Your powers are all pretty cool, well thought out, and not ridiculously Over Powered. I like that. I'm not crazy about classifying Dwarves as small humanoids though. They're only like a foot shorter then the average human (4 feet-ish).

Wild Empathy
Charisma to Wisdom makes no sense. Essentially, the Wild Empathy ability allows a Ranger to make Diplomacy checks with animals. Not only that, but you run the risk of your players dumping all their points into Wisdom. Especially if your Ranger takes the Zen Archery feat from Complete Warrior.

Bonus Feat
I don't think your version of the Ranger really needs a bonus feat every 3 levels, but that's just me. I can't want to see what you're gonna do to the Fighter if you're giving the Ranger all this :P.

Woodland Hunter
Fun and fluffy. I like it.

Movement Abilities
All cool, but maybe you want to reserve the Fast Movement ability to only work in Natural areas, such as forests, plains, etc. It really fits the theme of the Ranger better, and someone as outdoorsy as a Ranger might get knocked off step in a place like a huge, sprawing city.

Natural Instict
What?! No Tremor Sense?!

Woodland Sprint
Love it.

Nature's Messengers is interesting, and it really reminds me of "Sojourn" :).