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I'll be looking at your Ranger Variant today :P.
Appreciate it!

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I'm not sure if I'm crazy about Rangers having 1st Level spells. Part of the Lore that caused Rangers to get reduced spellcasting is that they aren't instantly at one with nature to the degree that they can call upon Her powers.
They don't get spells at 1st level unless they have a good Wisdom score for bonus spells, so I think that shows the greater difficulty rangers have with spellcasting. And mechanistically, I've always hated the fact that rangers and paladins can only cast 1 spell per day at level 7, when a cleric pulls off 6/5/4/3/2 and the druid gets 6/4/3/2/1. You only get 1 or 2 spells per day until level 5 anyway, so I don't think it really contradicts their flavor if rangers can cast so few minor tricks per day in the early levels.

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Favored Enemy
Your powers are all pretty cool, well thought out, and not ridiculously Over Powered. I like that. I'm not crazy about classifying Dwarves as small humanoids though. They're only like a foot shorter then the average human (4 feet-ish).
Again, this is mostly because of mechanics. The list of Small humanoids is short enough that I don't want it to be completely ignored. I also couldn't think of any other division of humanoids that makes sense and still have a roughly even division. I'd love to come up with an alternative though, but for now, I'm going to categorize dwarves as "close enough".

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Wild Empathy
Charisma to Wisdom makes no sense. Essentially, the Wild Empathy ability allows a Ranger to make Diplomacy checks with animals. Not only that, but you run the risk of your players dumping all their points into Wisdom. Especially if your Ranger takes the Zen Archery feat from Complete Warrior.
Fluff-wise, I think of it as communicating with animals using your greater understanding of nature. Mechanics-wise, it is because Charisma is generally ignored anyway on a ranger. You have a single ability that relies on Charisma, and it's not even that strong of a class feature. On the other hand, you need Strength for damage, Dexterity for attack and AC, Constitution for HP, Intelligence for skill points, and Wisdom for spellcasting. You were almost always better off ignoring Charisma entirely, which was a shame since then Wild Empathy is never used until you're high enough level that the Cha penalty isn't important.

I wouldn't worry about players putting everything into Wisdom just because of this; you still need very high Dexterity to even take most archery feats like Rapid Shot, so Dex is still important. If you want to deal more damage with composite bows, you need some Strength. Constitution is always necessary since everybody needs HP. Intelligence shouldn't be dumped because otherwise you won't have enough skill points. Really, it's still a very MAD class, but now Wild Empathy actually becomes useful.

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Bonus Feat
I don't think your version of the Ranger really needs a bonus feat every 3 levels, but that's just me. I can't want to see what you're gonna do to the Fighter if you're giving the Ranger all this :P.
It's to make up for the fact that archers and two-weapon fighters get completely shafted in 3.5. As an archer, you're basically required to have Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Manyshot, and Greater Manyshot, not to mention all of the extremely helpful feats like Improved Precise Shot, Improved Rapid Shot, Improved Skirmish, Ranged Disarm, Ranged Sunder, Ranged Pin, etc. Two Weapon Fighting likewise needs a huge number of feats to be effective. The bonus feats really are important to let you even have a degree of customization left in your feats.

And as for fighter, I'm not touching that train wreck! Fighter doesn't have any class features, nor even much fluff for creating new ones. I really don't see how I can fix that class without basically building a new base class completely from scratch.

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Movement Abilities
All cool, but maybe you want to reserve the Fast Movement ability to only work in Natural areas, such as forests, plains, etc. It really fits the theme of the Ranger better, and someone as outdoorsy as a Ranger might get knocked off step in a place like a huge, sprawing city.
I was debating whether to limit it to natural areas or not when I added it, but decided not to. However, put that way, it does make more sense to limit that, so I'll change it.

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Natural Instict
What?! No Tremor Sense?!
With Blindsight, it just felt unnecessary. Besides, gotta leave something for Favored Enemy: Elemental.

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Woodland Hunter
Fun and fluffy. I like it.

Woodland Sprint
Love it.
Heh, actually, both of these two were picked off a WotC article on removing dead levels from PHB base classes (which, incidentally, called the monk a well-built class). I really liked the flavor of them, so I added them here.