Katya Petrova

Gender: Female
Race: Whisperer (Made Up)
Age: 26
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class (or approximation): Sorceress
Power Rating (optional): 4ish? It's the abilities.
Equipment and Abilities: Being a Whisperer, Katya has the ability to whisper thoughts into someone's head and make them believe they are their own. She must have eye contact and be able to talk to the person. On her right now, she has nothing.
Backstory: As a young girl, Katya lived an average life. It was when she turned 18 that her life became abnormal. She was abducted by a man named Viktor Petrov. He was a wealthy member of the BPLA and he already had several girls in his house. She was to be part of his harem. She tried to use her gift on him, but his mind was very strong, and she was not yet powerful. He then blinded her so she could never do that to him again. She spent the next 8 years as his wife. She respected him but hated him at the same time. Recently, he was slain in the BPLA's war against Richard. That was when she escaped.
Miscellaneous: Nothing here.