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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Status: Vanished, probably forever.

    Gender: Female.
    Race: Void Girl.
    Age: A few weeks.
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Class (or approximation): Commoner.
    Power Rating: 0-1.

    Bliss has skin like the midnight sky, a deep shade of blue-black, her eyes are starry and bright, and her hair is like an inky curtain. Her blush is saffron and lavender colored instead of red. She is very pretty; purpose built for sensuality, her form is voluptuous. Notably, she's a very busty girl.

    Equipment and Abilities: None, really, except for high attractiveness.
    Backstory: Bliss was created from the void matter in Orson's tower by Stu, in order to serve his every whim. Mostly, this involves lots of curtain pulling.
    Miscellaneous: None.


    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human.
    Age: 17-19ish.
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Class (or approximation): Magical Girl.
    Power Rating: 5+.

    She's a young woman, very young, maybe not even twenty yet. Her build tends towards the thin and delicate. Long black hair, eyes of a light, almost teal shade of blue typically referred to as icy. Gait and mannerisms are polite, poised, and carefully controlled. She wears a simple blouse, and a pleated skirt of a length suiting modesty. A belt around her waist holds up some pouches, a holstered pistol, and a small blade.

    Equipment and Abilities: Has various magical abilities shaped by her emotions and intent. Minor skill with various weapons and hand to hand combat. Numerous magical objects, trinkets, and tools.
    Backstory: Appeared in ACRO one day, good, competent, and sane.
    Miscellaneous: None.

    Jonah Cooley
    Status: Dead.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human.
    Age: Late 20's/Early 30's.
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Class (or approximation): Drifter. Pistolero. Desperado. Gunslinger.
    Power Rating: 5+.

    A tall, imposing man, with flint gray eyes, short brown hair, and a good amount of stubble on his face.

    His attire is sturdy and dusty, worn from travel, but able to withstand many more miles yet to come. Black cowboy boots, leather riding chaps, his trusty hat, and a long duster coat are typical. He also almost always wears a metal breastplate under the duster. This breastplate is incredibly strong and is proof against many forms of attack, including most bullets.

    Equipment and Abilities: Jonah has almost supernatural abilities as a gunfighter, using revolvers and rifles with uncanny aim and incredible speed. He's also a fairly good barroom brawler and bare knuckle fighter. He has excellent physical attributes, being dexterous, strong, and hardy. Like any halfway decent gunfighter, has a very, very fast quickdraw.

    As for equipment, he favors weapons from the 19th century, blackpowder cap and ball revolvers and rifles, although he will occasionally employ weapons from later in the period, like cartridge firearms. He always wears his armor, which is highly resilient to damage.
    Backstory: A wanderer and a roamer.
    Miscellaneous: None.
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