Harry El'Teeb
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Age: Late 30s/Early 40s
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class (or approximation): Fast Hero/Speed Demon
Power Rating (optional): 4
Description: Average orc, wearing joggers and a jumper over a light-duty armour vest. He wears sunglasses, gloves and a backpack, all of which are magical. In his belt is pushed a machete, as well as a strange, organic gun-looking object with a small mouth below what looks like some kind of organo-crystal focussing array. It has eyes, breathing holes and a heartbeat.
Equipment: Eagle Eye Sunglasses, Driving Ace Gloves, Backpack of Holding, Light-duty vest with ultralight composition, a Flagarthan bio-weapon (laser with Techno-Organic, Booby Trapped, Alternate Weapon (mini grenade launcher)), a keen machete, the keys to Betty.
Abilities: Darkvision, Light Sensitivity, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Hit the Weakspot, Need for Speed, Nursing the Turns
Backstory: HA!
Miscellaneous: Betty goes above all else.

Gender: Female
Race: Volkswagen Beetle
Age: 20s
Alignment: True Neutral
Class (or approximation): Wheeled conveyance
Power Rating (optional): If driven, 4. If stationary, 1.
Description: Standard 1980s beetle, painted in multicoloured psychadelic swirls. There's wings on her tyres, the bumper is engraved with depictions of stylised rams. There's a SatNav and a compass on the Dashboard.
Equipment: In the glovebox there is a road map of the UK, an atlas of London and a bottle of holy water. Betty is fitted with a Bumper of the Ram, Seats of Safety, a Paint Job of Blurring and Zephyr Tyres.
Abilities: Normal for a car. Plus the abilities granted by the magic items.
Backstory: 1 owner-Harry.
Miscellaneous: The satnav has been driven insane by the transition to the Nexus from London.