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    Default Re: Episode 28: Divine clash! The sands of Hueco Mundo are stained with blood!

    Charon lets out a howl of pain as the "bile" hits it. But a few hurried steps and it moves away from the maw, charging up a cero to fire into the odd mouth.

    "Sekionton." The cloud of smoke explodes from the barrier as the tentacles cut in, and it shatters. However, Hades is not to be found, but for a moment, as his voice heralds from high above. "Word of Destruction: Alpha." The beam of energy blasts into the center of the maw.

    "Fear stems from Death... You even deny the fact that your Fear is an aspect of Death. All Fear tends toward a comprehension of the Final Ending." A chuckle.

    "You admit yourself to be not a god... but a king. It matters not. Kings, knights, lords, and peasants are all the same in their final moments."
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