Lunaria von Scherburg

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: Lunaria is very, very pale, with mid-length black hair that is streaked with its first strands of grey, despite her apparent youth. It's as if she has carried a heavy load during her years. Her eyes are almost always bloodshot, making them appear red. It doesn't help that her irises are a dark brown, almost black color. She is slender, not muscular, looking delicate or fragile. Her nails are long and tapered, each decorated with a tiny rhinestone. She wears long, dark, modest clothing, and is pretty in a goth sort of way. If you're into that. Her voice is low, tinged with a faint accent that sounds like it was much stronger in her earlier years.

(The little demon in her avatar is not visible, just a hint as to what has plagued her over the years.)

Possessions of Note: None.

Backstory: To be uncovered.