First off, thanks for commenting. Now I'll try to answer your questions.

You choose abilities at level up. Basically, I tried to make an a-la-carte system of class abilities. I'm trying to make it as adaptable and customizable as I can.

As for the Beast Points: yes, some abilities don't require them; they're just granted abilities that you can always use -- like rangers getting a weapon fighting style, or a fighter's bonus feats. Some abilities are more powerful, and supernatural or spell-like in origin or function (like a half-caster's spells). These require you to spend your energy (Beast Points) to power them. If you could clarify what else you don't understand about the Beast Point system, I should be able to answer you a little better.

As for the 6 skill points per level, I gave them that many since use of the Beast Points (and the abilities that rely on them) are tied to two skills. To make them useful, you need to invest skill points in them. (yes, I know, it is a new system -- that's part of the fun for me: the creation of a new system and other new things) I'm also using this skill system as kindof a test for a new magic system. We'll see if its worth it.

I'm hoping to get a few sample Beast Warriors statted up for 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th, so people have something better to judge by. Like I said, I'm hoping to balance with the psychic warrior.