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    Default Re: Beast Warrior: Unleash the power of your Inner Beast [3.5] base class

    You choose any two abilities that are available as you level. Some of them (like Natural Weapon and Close Wounds) you don't need to spend points on. Some of them (like Venom and Pounce) you need to spend points to activate.

    The abilities are organize by the level they are first available (but they can be chosen at any level thereafter).

    And you're correct; some abilities probably won't be nearly as useful as others (Discern North, for example). I put them in because they're abilities that animals have, and they offer variety for someone who wants something a little different.

    I will probably have to go through each ability to look at wording again. Thats what I get for posting it that late at night. If any inparticular strike you as poorly worded, let me know and I'll try to fix them.

    And thanks for the comments. One cannot improve without knowing their flaws.
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