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mechanically wise I'm not really sure if it is balanced compared to other base classes. If you can give me comparative examples I would love to see them.
It has the same BAB and HD as the psychic warrior, and fewer weapon and armor options. BW saves are better (2 good) than PW, however, as are skill points. The BW does eventually have more special abilities then the PW, but they don't have as many to choose from (the PW power list is quite extensive).

Same BAB and HD as the monk, worse saves, better skill points. Overall fewer abilities than the monk, but barely so. Natural weapon comparatively equal to monk's unarmed strike (except that the BW improves his Natural weapon at the cost of other abilities). Weapon and armor options are about the same. However, the monk eventually gains weapon enhancements to their attacks (magic, law, adamant), and the BW doesn't.

Way less powerful than Druid (kinda goes without saying, there...), as well as cleric and wizard and sorcerer (spells pack quite the whollop).

Possibly (probably) more powerful than the fighter, except in terms of BAB, HD, and equipment options.

Not sure about the barbarian. Lower BAB and HD, better saves and skill progression, mostly worse equipment selection.

Same HD and saves and skill points as ranger, worse BAB and equipment selection, spells at least equal to Beast Abilities (and rangers can change their spells daily).

Better HD and saves than rogue, worse skills, same BAB, marginally worse equipment selection.

Worse HD and BAB than paladin, better saves and skills, worse equipment selection, spells probably superior to Beast Abilities.

Some of this won't matter, depending upon the type of adventure/game you're in and what you're faced with at the time.

Hopefully this helps.