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I would placed it as an addendum in your homebrew discipline; I want this to stay true to the core and I'll let other DM's and players work out what homebrew disciplines that they'd allow with this class. Myself, I'd like to keep this one to core.

Especially with the way your class is designed, I'd say include the information for additional disciplines here, if you can. Intuitively, it makes more sense, and mechanically, it hurts nothing, since disciplines other than those the character already knows can't be learned while in this prestige class.

Couple of minor things:
1.I'm not sure how the weapon focus feature of the swordsage works, but does that work to qualify for this? If so, the capstone needs a boost against this, perhaps say "if you have the swordsage discipline weapon focus class feature in your chosen discipine, you are now treated as having greater weapon focus for all weapons of your chosen discipline". Yeah, poor wording.

2.The table and the text do not agree on when new stances are learned.

3.Back to the capstone, it'd be helpful if you explained how that interacts with other abilities that grant additional stances active. For instance, the warblade capstone, and Krimm's feats.

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And, like the Master of Nine, it does not get a full BAB. This is because it, like the Master of Nine, has a swordsage sort of base to it. You get insane boosts to one Discipline, and I feel that should more than make up for the loss of 2 points of BAB.
Except it doesn't have a swordsage feel. Swordsages aren't about specialization, they're about variety. That's why they've got the best maneuvers readied of any of the three classes. This class, it limits variety for the sake of consistency, and thus, flavor-wise, fits better with warblade or crusader. So I guess, my point is, if your only reason for cutting the BAB is the 'swordsage' feel, you might want to give it full. Balance-wise, tough call, but fluff-wise, definitely. I mean, Mo9 is described as being primarily Swordsage/Warblade due to the # of disciplines they have access to, so the opposite class should be described using the opposite reasoning, namely the classes with the least # of disciplines they have access to, the crusader/warblade.