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Umm... please read the actual class before critiquing it. The Discipline Initiate class feature is what determines what save you get that is good. All three saves do not make sense at being good, the Master of Nine gets two good saves and has hellish feat reqs to get in; this class, while strong and fills a niche, does not have the same kind of requirements. Less of an entry fee / less of a boost. The only classes that get all full saves are classes like Monk; a class which surely needs it.

And, like the Master of Nine, it does not get a full BAB. This is because it, like the Master of Nine, has a swordsage sort of base to it. You get insane boosts to one Discipline, and I feel that should more than make up for the loss of 2 points of BAB.

Sorry if I'm snarky, but I don't like being critiqued when it seems that you're not comprehending how it works.

I fully understand that Didn't understand the Disciple Initiative. But, I still think it should have full BAB. It limits you down to one discipline - you should be a BAMF at that one thing, in every way.