Critique: "The Dream-Singer, a classic weird tale" by GolemsVoice
I'm actually rather impressed by this. Your writing style flows quite well and your descriptions are vivid and immersive. This is important however, as there isn't much to this story besides straight-up description. I understand that's kind of the point, but I'd nonetheless be interested to see your attempts at something a bit more dynamic with some actual character interaction, dialogue and a more developed plot. I don't mean this as a negative, it's not. You can set a scene very well, I'd just like to see you move on to try doing more things with them.

There are a few flaws though. There are a couple of spelling mistakes, and your last sentence seems to be missing a word. You are also suffering from the common problem of comma overload. You don't need to use as many commas as you do. In a few places you're using them instead of a semicolon and in quite often you insert a comma where it simply isn't needed. Unless you're making a paranthesised aside you don't need to include a comma after a 'connecting word' such as 'and' or 'but'. You should also consider how many such asides you should be making. If you're breaking up one such aside in order to include another such aside, or if you're using several in quick succsession, you might be better served splitting the sentence up a bit. Your second sentence is in a failry obvious example of this and looks a bit untidy as a result.
There is another grammitical problem you've fallen into in the second sentence of paragraph two. Words the the suffix '-ing' are essentially present tense and so will denote something that applies to the entire sentence. As general rule of thumb it's therefore not a good idea to include one unless it can apply to the whole sentence and still make sence. In your case it can't as it's simply not possibly to watch something while you're turning to face the opposite direction.

Overall though, it's a still a solid piece of writing. Description is obviously something you do well so it would be a good idea to try branching out a bit and try your hand at some other areas of writing.