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    Thanks alot! Keep in mind that English is not my first language (although, as you can see, I consider myself rather devoted to it) so some spelling and grammar mistakes are almost unavoidable, but it is of course important to minimize them. The comma thing might stem from German, my first language, where commas are (or can be) added in many cases you mentioned.

    The story itself is born out of a spontaneous longing to read something dreamy and subtle, but instead deciding to write something up myself, so, as you mentioned, description and atmosphere are what it's all about. Sadly, I can hardly manage the focus to write something longer than a few pages, or only at the expense of quality, and so I tend to write short stories that try to capture a single event or a certain atmosphere, instead of a "proper", longer story. But maybe I will try something, after all, character interaction can be had in short stories.

    EDIT: A somewhat embarassing question, but "aside" means a sub-sentence to a main sentence, a sentence that relies on the main sentence, yes? I actually never heard that word, but I thought I could figure it out. <- Aside?
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