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Hello there, I looked at the Arcane Archer and the Dragon Shaman as those two were the only ones that interests me at the moment.
Thanks for taking the time to review! Let's see if I can address some of your concerns.

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The Quiver of Magic ability is totally unbalanced namely because it is possible to literally add 8D6 fire damage through scorching ray to all of your attacks in a given round as long as you have the spell slot to cast it with. There are many other good ranged touch spells that can be exploited as well. I wouldn't object to like twice a round, but expending 1 spell slot for all your, at least 4, attacks late game is pretty silly.
It only works on touch-range attacks, not rays, so Scorching Ray won't work here. Some of the best ones to use are Vampiric Touch and Shocking Grasp (and Shivering Touch, but hopefully that's banned anyway since it's absolutely broken), which isn't any different from the Duskblade's ability.

In addition, these are no longer touch attacks since you're using arrows to deliver them, so your chances of hitting with each shot probably aren't that great, compared to touch attacks. The damage isn't nearly that high when you take all those factors into account, and it isn't anything classes like Duskblade can't do. I'm more worried about using spells like Irresistible Dance along with it though, but that's 8th level and Mind Affecting so it shouldn't be too bad when you're so high up.

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Versatile Enchantments also needs one stipulation. Say that any magical enhancements from a bow does not stack with the enhancement + x ability. I was told that as the wording of versatile enchantments stands now, you can conceivably get a + 5 bow and convert all the enhance arrow abilities to something else. Think of what could be done to exploit this if its not fixed.
One of the biggest problems with the old Arcane Archer is that he can't get special abilities on his arrows (without his class feature going to waste), which is something that every other archer can have besides him. And besides, before, you could just as easily use a +5 arrow and just have special abilities on your bow, and they stack just as well (though with less versatility). This just lets you reverse things if you want to. I don't see that much potential for abuse here that you couldn't already do before, and a normal archer can't do as well.

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As for the Dragon Shaman, They are meant more to be a defense and support monkey with healing touch and ranged breathe weapon attacks. I would honestly restrict their proficiencies to certain martial weapons, decrease the HD to 10 and decrease the BAB back to 3/4. If you really feel like making it a front line fighter you will have to remove the abilities that make a Dragon Shaman a Dragon Shaman to do so and balance things out. i.e. Touch of Vitality and the Breathe Weapon.
I agree that they were meant for support, but the problem is that they weren't good and they weren't fun. Giving them better combat ability is meant to allow them to have more options, in order to be able to contribute in various different ways if necessary. I would love to make him more support-focused if I can, but that's only if I can find some other way to give the class more options and keep it fun to play.

The d12 is mostly for flavor reasons, since dragons get d12 as do dragon disciples. It doesn't really make that much difference besides a little extra HP, so it seems harmless.

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I do however like your change with Touch of Vitality to make it fully dependant on CON. If you decide the change Dragon Shaman to be support again my advice, if you want to make Dragon Shaman more effective, is to increase the dragon shaman's effective healing pool by multiplying it by 4 x class level rather than 2 x class level. To Eliminate the possibilities of Bomb heals that make clerics obsolete, Make the dragon shaman heal as if it is casting Cure X wounds at the appropriate cleric level. The Amount it heals is taken from the healing pool and never exceeds it. I would also make this healing available sooner and divide the healing conditions where appropriate at level 6 and 11.
Problem is, in my opinion, playing a healbot isn't fun. That's the problem with most pure support-types, like the old marshal and dragon shaman, and even core bard. You stand around giving your aura/song, and watch your allies beat the enemy, dropping healing spells/touches when necessary. I would much rather have a class that can do something besides breathe once, heal for 1d4 rounds, breathe again, heal again, breathe more. Currently, the only idea I have with that is combat or spellcasting, and I don't want to make this a spellcaster. Better ideas are welcome though.

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By god I love your classes, first the Dragon Disciple and now this

Any plans to recreate the Mystic Theurge?

Probably not. There are plenty of mystic theurge rewrites on this very board, and I don't feel like I can bring anything new to the table.

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One other thing, are you really sure that Dragon Shamans should get access to Dragon Ally? I mean I'm sure it could be useful if the dragon shaman has money it cannot use any time soon and is stranded on a desert island, but as long as the Dragon Shaman has communications lets say "elsewhere" the Dragon Shaman could just send word to nearby kingdoms th at it is looking to find the services of a dragon for the Dragon's profit. I would honestly either remove that ability altogether and create a capstone that basically does the Greater Dragon Ally once a week because by the time the party is 20th level they are pretty much either overwealthed, or could create a business to generate wealth to find the services of Dragons with practical ease.
Huh? I'm not sure what's your objection here. He doesn't need it because he can get the same thing elsewhere? It's probably not easy to just find a dragon when you want it without help, and you are getting a discount with the class ability, which probably makes it a lot easier than if you're hiring one normally. There's also the issue that if you find one normally, there's no guarantee that they'd help, while this does guarantee it. It doesn't seem harmful to have this, since it's thematically appropriate (calling on the aid of your totem dragon) and potentially useful. I mean, sorcerers and wizards get it for a reason, so it has to have some use. The cost isn't that high for a high level character, and you can reduce it to even lower if you have good social skills.

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Something else I've been kind of wondering about this class lately. Dragon Shamans slowly become more Dragony because they essentially worship dragons and want to become like them. Dragon Disciples somehow become Half Dragons and gain the Dragon type if I remember correctly. So, why don't Dragong Shamans have a Draconic Apotheosis anyways? It makes more sense to me to have something like that rather than Dragon Ally.
I think part of the reason that dragon disciples get it while dragon shamans don't is because dragon disciples are suppose to have dragon blood inside them, while dragon shamans don't necessarily have it. But it does make some sense though, so I might grant it at 20th level, but I'm not sure the stat boosts are appropriate here. Stat boosts are generally given only by PrCs, so I don't know if I want this class to give them.