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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Looks human, has alternate form not yet reveled
    Age: looks to be about 22
    Class: Ex-cleric/ Rogue
    Height: 4’6”
    Weight: skinny
    Hair color: Dark blue
    Power Level: 5

    Jay works with her husband Eric. She almost always is carrying a weapon unless someone has stripped her of all of them. When she is around she normally has at least 15 daggers on her.

    She almost never speaks of her past. All that is really known about her is afraid of being in temples, and her hair color is natural not dyed. Also if Jay is bleeding someone with the scent ability could pick up on the fact that she isn’t human.

    She is an experienced thief and fighter and is in excellent shape.


    Eric Kidd
    Age around 22
    Weight: Average
    Brown hair
    Gray eyes.
    Alignment: um... whatever
    Power Level:5

    Eric is an experienced fighter thief and pickpocket. He has come into the Nexus looking for work though he has enough money saved up that he doesn't really need to, but does so to keep sharp.

    He has a past of working in the slums to help improve conditions. He works with his wife Jay in pretty much everything he does.

    Equipment: A dagger on his belt, a flat razor up his sleeve. He also has several small razor blades and pieces of wire hidden around his body in small pockets on the inside of his clothes. One on each leg and arm, one on his back where his hands would be if he is tied up. One on the inside of his shoe and one in the sole of the other shoe. He also has a pistol tucked inside his coat.


    Age: 21
    Class: Healer/Empathy
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Too Skinny
    Hair color: Blond
    Eye Color: Gold with blue flecks
    Power Level: 4 (though not a fighter)
    Birthday: November, the 14th

    Angie was born with a destiny. And at the age of 12 she completed it. She saved a great many people when she sacrificed herself to stop a portal from hell from being opened up in a small village. And she got stuck in Hell for the next 8 years of her life. As an empath she felt not only her pain, but pain of others as well. Those that are really close to her know that she wasn't just tortured there, but she was trained, and eventually became a torturer herself.

    When she was finally released or escaped she came back to Nexus after about a year or so. While there she was in a dark place, doing drugs drinking and doing anything to take her mind off the memories. Almost killing herself in doing so.

    But instead she ended up in HALO and is slowly getting better.


    Human, with Giantism
    Age: 25
    Height 8'9"
    Weigh: Above average for his height
    Hair and Eyes: Brown and Blue
    Power Level: 5

    Nico has had a fairly simple life. He was a small child but eventually started to grow, and grew quickly, and hasn't stopped, and apparently won't. He has a great deal of strength more then an average human would, even his size. He spent a couple of years wrestling professionally but eventually gave it up not liking being seen as a freak.


    Appears Human
    Age: Looks 19, appeared on this plane weeks ago, actual age, unkown
    Hair and eyes: Long and black, and violet
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: Average
    Power Level: 2 right now

    Val appeared in one day out of no where. She claimes to remember being the daughter of a dockworker and a seamstress but can't find them, and the house she remembered living in has been empty for years.

    Not long after appearing here she was attacked by men in black cloaks, and then being followed by people in white suits. Apparently these are two fractions of some sort of group that deals with dreams, and they both want Val, saying she isn't human.


    Height: Short
    Weight: Skinny
    Age: 6ish
    Power Level: 1

    Rayum is a sickly looking kobold who is missing his left eye and right arm. His eye has scales pretty much healed over it though it is still a little disturbing, and his shoulder has lots of scars from how his arm was removed. One day he showed up at HALO with a bomb strapped onto him and told people he had to blow them up. But he was obviously scared, and several people convinced him not to and disarmed it. Fearing they would imprison or hurt him he fled to the surface and has been living on the streets since then. Mainly in an old park.

    Not much is known of his past, but it seems that he has some skill in carving and a great fear of most non-monstrous races, especially gnomes.

    ((There updated, I think that is all.))
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