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    This is what I got for my Abrams with de D20 Mecha rules, is the 1st time I use this rules so please correct me if you see anything wrong

    M1 Abrams (Main Battle Tank)

    Type: Vehicle

    Class: Main Battle Tank

    Size: Gargantuan

    HP: 100hp (120 Mecha points)

    Occupants: 4 (40 Mecha points)

    Cargo: 425lb (3 Mecha points)

    Armour: 30 (150 Mecha points) Equipment bonus +8 (64 Mecha points)

    Defence: 14 (10 +8 Equimpment Bonus -4 Size)

    Strength: NONE

    Land Speed: 65kmph (7 Chase squares/350ft) (32 Mecha points)

    Handling: +0 (-4 Size +4 Base) (20 Mecha points)

    Initiative: -2 (-4 Size +2 Base) (10 Mecha points)

    Special Abilities: Chobham Armour (30 Mecha points),
    Reactive Armour (8 Mecha points),
    Infrared vision 4 miles (20 Mecha points),
    Stabilization Gear (10 Mecha points),
    Targeting Bonus +4 (20 Mecha points),
    Radar 4 miles (32 Mecha points)

    Exotic Abilities: NONE

    Defects: Noisy (-5 Mecha points),
    Road Vehicle (-4 Mecha points),
    Volatile (-32 Mecha points),

    Weapon-----/120 mm M256 smoothbore cannon/ 12.7 mm M2HB machine gun
    Damage-----/10d12---------------------------/ 4d12
    Critical------/20------------------------------/ 20
    Type--------/Ballistic------------------------ / Ballistic
    Rate of Fire--/Single--------------------------/ Automatic
    Range-------/600ft---------------------------/ 150ft
    Qualities-----/Armor Penetrating 2, Extra Ammo/ Autofire
    Restrictions--/Crew Serve, Slow Firing---------/ Exposed
    Cost---------/130MP ------------------------/ 52mp

    Required Feats or Skills: Drive

    Cost: 700 Mecha points ($4,350,000/Purchase DC 46)
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