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Thread: [TOWN] Town Characters.

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    Name: Zophiel. It means, in someever language, "Assassin of the gods"
    Age: 27. Well, that's what it looks like. He's actually 334 years old.
    Height: A little tallish
    Weight: Fit and strong, whatever that means
    Class: Paladin
    : I'm making up his stuff as I go.

    He's a paladin, wearing paladin ceremonial garb (ivory, gold, turquoise), and has 2 swords that should be 3-handed. One, named Mercy, is ruby, turquoise, and obsidian. The other, named Justice, is ivory, gold, and sapphire.

    His life is "no longer black and white, like it used to be", quoting him.

    He did fight Will and cure him of his taint.

    Everything about him is made up on the spot, then to be posted here.

    Paladins of the dragon/unicorn thing and also demons hate him an want to hunt him down or convert him to their side of thinking. Either way...
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