Critique - 'The Last Trade' by Raz_fox

Another solid prologue. Sets up an interesting story of a human trader working against his own people to support the Surac, who seem like the rightful owners of their lands. The similarities to some of the developed worlds recent histories are apparent. As a story it has plenty of potential for adventure and conflict, and the investigation of what drives different people to do the things they do, which is good. But it's a story that's been told before in many different guises, so you'll have to work hard to avoid cliche. This isn't neccesarily a problem, it's just that you'll really have to have something unique to set your story apart from the others.

As fpr your writing style, I see no major problems. Speaker's dialogue is rather stilted, but that's intentional and to be expected. There's a little infodumping in there, but only enough to get the initial thrust of the story across. I'd need to see something more akin to conversation to really know how good your dialogue is, but I see no issues right now. There are the occasional bits of rough description, such as the bit about Baren's reins, and what Speaker does before he tells his story. Most of this can be sorted out with editting, so again, no big issues. You seem to have a good grasp of punctuation and grammar, which helps your work to flow quite well.

Essentially, a good start. There's nothing in the initial story that really stands out for me, but I think that's more my own personal taste in narrative than anything else. The good side is there's nothing that stands out as poor either, which says a lot about your writing style. Good stuff, I look forward to seeing more of your work.