Well, last time I posted this I ended up making a heel of myself by posting in the wrong subforum, here's hoping my aim is better this time.

Here's a dump of homebrew invocations I've gathered.
Please evaluate and critique harshly, it'll help me learn
And feel free to dump any you've gathered, the more the merrier.

Staring into the Abyss
Least 3rd
For 24 hours, whenever a divination spell targets you and you succeed your Will save, both you and the caster instead recieve information about the caster

Least 1rst
This invocation mimics the effects of Prestidigitation, Dancing Lights, and Ghost Sound. Duration 24 hours

Augment Familiar
Least 2nd
Familiar gains a +4 enhancement bonus to STR, DEX, and CON, DR 5/magic, and a +2 Resistance bonus on saves as long as you concentrate on it.

Razor Claws
Least 1rst
Familiar's natural weapons are receive a +(1 +[1 / (3 Caster Levels)] ) enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls and bypass all DR for 24 hours.

Through Another's Eyes
Least 1rst
Merge minds with your familiar and take control of it's actions. You have use of all your familiars abilities, but none of your class features. Your real body remains inert and you lose knowledge of its surroundings. Any damage dealt to it brings you back to your body. You may choose to return to your body as a free action. Duration: 24 hours

Call of the Earth
Lesser 4th
Burrow through earth and loose rock at your land speed for 24 hours. You may choose to leave a tunnel.

Familiar Modulation
Lesser 4th
Familiar shifts 1 size category (up or down) per 3 caster levels. Lasts 24 hours. (So pocket familiars or ride-able familiars + combat buff. The image of a colossal cat at LVL18 definitely had a hand in determine the 'rate of growth')

Enhance Familiar
Lesser 3rd
Familiar gains +2 competence bonus to saves, attack rolls, damage, as well as a +2 dodge bonus to AC. Lasts 24 hours.

Fortify Familiar
Lesser 3rd
Familiar gains +2 unnamed bonus to AC and (Caster Level) temporary HP for 24 hours.

Familiar Shadows
Greater 6th
Create 1 Shadow Familiar / 4 levels. These Shadows are exact copies of your target familiar but have 1/2 the hit points. Any slain Shadow cannot be conjured again for 1 hour. Duration: Concentration

Imbue Familiar with Invocation
Greater 6th
You can imbue your familiar with 1 invocation / 6 levels who's level may not exceed 1/3rd your caster level (5th max). You lose use of that invocation (unless it was Eldritch Blast) until 10 minutes after this effect ends. Duration 24 hours.

Eldritch Blast Essences
Mostly basic things

Disorienting Blast (Spinning Blast)
Least 2nd
A creature struck by a Disorientating Blast must succeed a Will Save of become Flat-Footed for 1 round.

Merciful Blast (Sparring Blast)
Least 1rst
Eldritch Blast deals non-lethal damage.

Ensnaring Blast
Lesser 2nd
A creature struck by a Ensnaring Blast must succeed a Reflex save or be entangled for 3 rounds (DC20 for Strength or Escape Artist check).

Burnout Blast
Lesser 3rd
A living creature struck by a Burnout Blast must succeed a Will save or be exhausted for 1 round

Lightning Blast (Storm Blast)
Lesser 3rd
Electricity damage. Creature struck must make a Fort save or take no actions and suffer a -2 penalty to Armor Class and loses her Dexterity bonus (if any) for 1 round. (Cowered condition, but via electrical shock)

Echoing Blast
Greater 6th
Sonic damage. Creature struck must make a Fort save or take 1/2 the damage they received again next round.

Concussive Blast
Greater 5th
A creature struck by a Concussive Blast must succeed a Will save or be affected as by a Feeblemind spell for 1 round

Gorgon Blast
Dark 6th
A creature struck by a Gorgon Blast must succeed a Fort save or be partially petrified, suffering a -5ft penalty to all speeds and -4 to Dex. A creature who's speed is 0 cannot move and one who's Dex is zero has become permanently petrified. Otherwise the effects end after 1 hour.

Eldritch Shapes
Mostly basics

Eldritch Grasp
Least 2nd
As a free action, an Eldritch Blast charges your fists/legs. You deal Eldritch Blast damage with each unarmed melee touch attack you make and count as armed.

Eldritch Fireworks
Least 1rst
Eldritch Blast becomes a 60ft radius burst out to 500ft. Damage is reduced to 1. Only characters with Improved Evasion may make a Reflex Save.

Eldritch Chaser
Least 1rst
Eldrtich Blast becomes an Eldritch Chaser; a free floating energy that moves at a perfect fly speed of 50ft/round. It has 20AC and explodes once struck. You direct Eldritch Chasers as a free action during your turn. They must remain within your line of sight or vanish. You may have [LEVEL/2] Chasers at once.

Eldritch Weapon
Lesser 4th
Eldritch energies surround your melee weapon or a single arrow. You may maintain an Eldritch Weapon as a free action, but cannot use other Eldritch Blasts while it is in effect. You deal Eldritch Blast Damage as well as Weapon Damage with every attack.

Eldritch Aura
Lesser 4th
Eldritch energies surround you. You may maintain an Eldritch Aura as a free action, but cannot use other Eldritch Blasts while it is in effect. Creatures within 5 feet of you take 1/2 your Eldritch Blast damage at the start of your turn and whenever you are struck by non-ranged attacks.

Eldritch Tower
Greater 5th
Eldritch Blast becomes a cylinder with a 10ft radius, 20ft height out to medium range. Reflex save for half.

Eldritch Orb
Greater 5th
Eldritch Blast becomes a sphere with a 15ft radius spread out to medium range. Reflex save for half.

Eldritch Arrow
Greater 6th
Extend the range of your Eldritch Blast to 1000ft (no range increments).

Eldritch Guillotine
Dark 6th
An Eldrtich Guillotine is an extremely compressed plane of eldritch energy. An Eldritch Guillotine has a critical threat range of 16-20/X3 which is unaffected by effects such as Improved Critical.