Nice list, and actually see several that I'd use. Few questions about the familiar ones. 1) do they have to be your familiar, some specify some don't; if not what's the range? 2) do you allow warlocks to take familiars with Obtain Familiar, it specifies arcane caster level so I'm a little unsure on that one (I allow it but that doesn't mean much) or do they have to be theurges? 3) how do you have Share Spells and Invocations work?

I like the invocations (or at least the non-familiar ones as I didn't read all of them), but I'd say the Lightning Blast is strong as a lesser. The cowered condition has the same effects as the stunned condition (which seems more appropriate than cowered for electricity) and the dark invocation Binding Blast (CM) simply afflicts this condition (save negates) in addition to damage. Other than that the invocations look good.

Sorry if I came off too critically it's just much easier to point out the flawed ones than to state what makes the others work.