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These are very interesting, although there seems to be a little too much of a focus on familiars.
I'm hesitant about making more... abstract invocations. I'm never too certain what could bend or break the Warlock. I already want to make Flee the Scene a swift, verbal invocations as an exception to the rule about them being somatic standard actions to trigger, but realize that could be cheese for glaivelocks. Additionally, I admit that Impenetrable Barrier colours the ceiling of my expectations as far as acceptable upper level power of invocations.

Besides which, familiars could use love and blast-y things are always best enhanced by Eldritch Essences and Shapes.

I did modify another invocation someone else made called Hoarfrost. It was basically grease extending 20ft from the Warlock. I found the execution a bit off so I tweaked it a tad, but it's not "my" work so I held it back.