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    Default Re: [3.5] Homebrew Invocations Dump P.E.A.C.H.

    Restraining Blast
    Least 1rst
    A Restraining Blast deals no damage. Upon hitting, a Restraining Blast allows you to attempt to pin the opponent. Make opposed grapple checks (size modifiers apply). Your grapple roll is 1d20 + (BAB + your Eldritch Blast damage die). This effect lasts 2 rounds. Escape Artist/Strength DC (10+ Eldritch Blast damage die)

    Thus a 1rst level warlock would roll 1d20 + 1 and the DC to escape would be 11 while a 9th level warlock would roll 1d20 + 11 and the DC to escape would be 21

    Disarming Blast
    Least 1rst
    A Disarming Blast deals no damage. Upon hitting, a Disarming Blast allows you to attempt to disarm the opponent. Make opposed attack rolls (size modifiers apply). Your attack roll is 1d20+(BAB + Dex Modifier + your Eldritch Blast damage die). A Disarming Blast counts as a medium sized weapon.

    I'm not sure how Ability Focus should interact with these. A special exception
    for an additional bonus to your rolls, or simply a bonus to the DC to escape?
    A bonus to rolls would really help at lower levels, then transition from a pain to trivial later on.

    That aside, would these two be better off being relinquished to normal invocations? The idea was obviously to allow the Warlock to have other options than pain and mayhem with his Eldritch Blast (I'm also pondering Buffing Blasts), but their interactions with Eldritch Shapes could be nuts (a Disarming Cone? What a headache for DMs).

    Even worse with Eldritch Fireworks up there whose design was honestly campaign specific (Warlocks would compete in a tournament. Frightful Fireworks, explosions of skulls dancing through the sky, or Hellrime Fireworks, sparkling multifaceted ice crystals appearing in the sky would make for quite a show). The possibility of disarming and pinning vast amounts of foes.... oy vey.

    I apologize if my train of thought throughout this post seemed spastic, it's far past midnight, but I have made an effort to be legible -_-;

    Edit:figure I would forget something, thank goodness for edits.

    Force Blast
    Lesser 3rd
    A Force Blast deals force damage, but all damage is reduced to d4s

    Edit 2: avoiding double post.

    Black Cat Blast (Unlucky Blast)
    Least 2nd
    A creature struck by a Black Cat Blast must succeed a will save or suffer a penalty to attack rolls equal to your charisma modifier for 3 rounds. You gain a luck bonus to your attack rolls equal to this penalty for 3 round. The penalty and bonus gained through this invocation cannot exceed your caster level.

    Edit 3:

    Black Cat Parade
    Dark 5th
    Unless target creature within close range makes a successful will save, they must make all rolls twice and accept the lower result for 1 round / 2 levels.

    Wraith's Escape
    Dark 8th
    Activating this invocation is an immediate mental action. You assume a visible, incorporeal form until the end of your next turn.

    Edit 4:

    Diminishing Utterance
    Lesser 3rd
    You may use Shrink item as the spell, but it's duration is 24 hours instead of 1 day / level.

    Edit 5:

    Solar Blast
    Greater 4th
    A Solar Blast deals positive energy damage. A living creature struck by a Solar Blast gains temporary hit points equal to the damage rolled divided by 3. These temporary hit points last for 1 round and do not stack with other temporary hit points. Undead struck by a Solar Blast suffer an additional 4d6 damage.

    Vampiric Blast
    Greater 6th
    A Vampiric Blast deals 1/2 damage. The Warlock gains temporary hit points equal to the damage dealt (if used with an Eldritch shape that targets more than one creature, determine which took the greatest damage. gain that many temporary hp). However, the Warlock cannot gain more than the subjectís current hit points +10, which is enough to kill the subject. The temporary hit points disappear 1 hour later.

    Bloody Blast
    Lesser 4th
    A Warlock chooses to sacrifice hp as he uses a Bloody Blast. For every 5hp sacrificed, he deals an additional d6 of damage. If the Warlock sacrifices more than 1/4 his total hp on one such blast he continues bleeding for 1hp/turn until he receives first aid or a healing spell. Temporary hp cannot be used to fuel this ability.

    Edit 6: Last one, having more edits than posts would be ridiculous.

    Nature's Warrior
    Greater 4th
    You take the form of a Treant. Your size changes to huge, your AC changes to 20 (-2 size, -1 Dex, +13 natural), you stats change to Str 29, Dex 8, Con 21, you deal double damage against objects when making a full attack, you gain a trample attack (2d6+13, reflex DC 22 for half) and you gain two slam attacks (2d6+9). You cannot use invocations or Eldritch blasts while in this shape. this invocation lasts 1 round per 2 Warlock levels.

    Acorn Blast
    Least 2nd
    Eldritch Blast becomes an Acorn Blast, you pellet the foe with exploding acorns. These bypass spell resistance. A creature struck by an Acorn Blast must succeed a fortitude save or be dazzle for 1 minute.
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