As a Move Action, Takahashi lands gracefully next to his opponent, within melee range.

As a free action, he pulls his Wakizashi (Quick Draw) and utters

"You are not a worthy enough foe for my Katana to drink of your lifeblood. Die, then, like the commoner you are!"

He uses his Swift action to gain a Move Action from his Belt of Battle. He uses this Move Action to Demoralize (his armor enchantment allows him to demoralize on a move action). (1d20+34)[53]

He then uses his Standard Action to make an attack with his Wakizashi

Attack: (1d20+17)[18]
Damage: (1d6+1)[7]

At this point, I think the match is pretty well over. Your character cannot beat my roll, even if he rolls a 20 and I roll a 1 to not be Shaken. Every round, he will Demoralize as a move action, then attack with his standard action. Does your character have any possible way out of this combo?