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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
    A newcomer enters the Taverna. Something's... different about this one, though. Wrong. Apart from said newcomer being rather decidedly female and being a character played by DC at the same time, there's just something wrong about her. She's bizarrely repulsive, causing feelings of disgust when there is nothing about her to warrant it. This effect may not affect the stronger-minded or those simply immune to such things, but they'll probably still be able to sense that something is off.


    Perhaps the strangest thing is that she seems to be a distinctly average person, with no truly odd outward features, and yet the above still all holds true.

    Abilities: Altara seems to project a feeling of wrongness about her, as described above-those without mental resistances tend to feel disgusted at her for little to no reason. This is especially true in gods, who tend to feel it about ten thousand times worse. Yes, I'm pulling numbers out my ass. It seems she is capable of shaping a black substance-with similar properties to herself, only amplified-into many things, including weapons and imitations of some magic. They all tend to cause nausea, vomiting, or fainting upon hitting someone, due to their concentrated effect so similar to Altara's wrongness. This tends to not mesh well with spells-and spells cast on a person or creature struck by one can be disrupted by it. In undead, this can even lead to instant de-animation as the magics keeping them 'alive' are disrupted. She also seems to have exhibited another form after being hit with sufficient force:


    That. It's quite obviously still Altara, same outfit only she seems to have turned all black. The wrongness surrounding her is stronger now, causing some surviving NPCs to become nauseous. She runs outside after the zombie dragon.[/QUOTE]

    She has also burst into black mist-the same kind that her weapons are made of-upon 'death' and later reformed.
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