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    Least 2nd
    You gain a 30ft enhancement bonus to speed and benefit from 20% concealment while moving.Duration 24 hours.

    Devil's Gamble (Lady Luck's Blessing)
    Lesser 4th
    Gains a +(Charisma Modifier) luck bonus any 2 saves. The bonus may not exceed your class level. Lasts 24 hours.

    Devil's Cheat (Lady Luck's Embrace)
    Greater 6th
    Gains a +(Charisma Modifier) luck bonus to all saves. The bonus may not exceed your class level. Lasts 24 hours.

    Occult Puppeteer
    Greater 6th
    You may use Animate Objects as the spell

    Spell Singularity
    Dark 9th
    Spell Singularity creates a pulsing, purple sphere that always remains 20 feet above you. Any magical effects (Spells, Spell-Like Abilities, and Supernatural Abilities) with a range greater than touch passing within 60 ft of you are absorbed into the sphere. Once it has absorbed (Warlock LevelX2) levels of magic, its duration ends, or it is dispelled the sphere explodes. Creatures within 30ft suffer 2d6 damage per level absorbed (reflex half). Spell Singularity lasts 1 round/2 levels.

    Pollen Blast
    Least 2nd
    A creature struck by a Pollen Blast must succeed a Reflex save or be coated in scented, shimmering pollen. Invisibility is negated, their Scent ability is overwhelmed and they are easier to track by scent. The pollen is disperesed in 1 minute or by strong winds.

    Eldritch Infusion
    Least 1rst
    Eldritch Energies accumulate in your fingertips. As a full round action, you may transfer these energies to a creature/object. You do not count as armed. If contact is broken, the infusion fails. Should it succeed, you deal maximized Eldritch Blast damage to the creature/object.

    Eldritch Shadow (Eldritch Ghosts)
    Least 2nd
    n Eldritch Shadow takes the form of a ghostly creature or object of your choosing. This shadow must remain within 30ft of you. You may direct the Shadow as a standard action, moving it up to 60ft and making 1 attack with it (ranged touch attack). When an Eldritch Shadow is struck by a melee attack, it deals Eldritch Blast damage automatically. An Eldritch Shadow's AC is (10 + Cha Modifier + Size Modifier) The Save DC to disbelieve is (12+Charisma modifier).

    Eldritch Wall
    Lesser 3rd
    Eldritch Wall is a crystalline, malleable wall of energy. Eldrtich Walll has hp equal to your Eldritch Blast damage roll and shatters upon reaching 0 hp. A creature crashing into an Eldritch Wall takes and causes 1d6 points of damage. An Eldritch Wall lasts until the beginning of your next turn. If an Eldritch Essence modifies the Wall's energy type, the Wall negates such energy attacks. The wall is one 5X5X5ft cube per d6 of Eldritch Blast damage.

    Eldritch Bubble
    Greater 6th
    As Eldrtich Shield, but takes shape as a bubble 5ft wide per d6 of Eldritch Blast damage.

    Eldritch Encore
    Dark 9th
    An Eldritch Encore allows you to make 2 Eldrtich Blast attacks against one enemy at once. The 2nd blast has a -5 penalty to hit.

    Insatiable greed consumes the creature, to the point of coveting mundane and immovable objects, like a mountain, and refusing to leave it.

    The creature becomes exceedingly jealous, stealing from everyone only to discard items after as their envy of that item fades.

    The creature believes they are beautiful and invincible, discarding weapon and armour to admire their self in a mirror or by simply looking down

    The creature is consumed with wrath, attacking to the best of their abilities the closest creature or object.

    The creature is overwhelmed with lust. Dragon Slayers become... well any hole or pole will do.

    The creature loses all motivation. Such a character is prone to escaping from danger and avoids all hostile encounters.

    The creature becomes eternally hungry. They become capable of and will ingest anything up to weapons.

    The creature becomes chaste beyond compare, guaranteeing they produce no children ever again.

    The creature is balanced and mechanical in all they do, never taking too much or reacting with passion.

    The creature becomes charitable, to the point of a dragon donating his hoard. (Dragons receive a +10 racial bonus on this save)

    The creature becomes insanely ordered and incapable of coping with situations that were not planned.

    The creature becomes patient beyond comprehension, waiting years for a cup of tea that was promised but may never come.

    The creature becomes unbelievably kind, unable to perceive any enemies or liars. They are always treated as having a friendly attitude, even in battle.

    The creature is disturbingly humble, forgoing positions of leadership to anyone who would take it instead.
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