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My opinion would be just make the disarming and grappling blasts normal invocations, except a high level warlock raising his hands above his head and disarming everyone nearby is just too cool.
Actually that takes care of my concerns nicely. I suppose the image of a Warlock's Eldritch blast turning into needles that pin the enemies clothes to the floor was just stuck in my head

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Also I'd say the Force Blast ability probably doesn't need to have a reduction to damage as Force damage is easier to resist than untyped damage which the blast already does. Even then the blast isn't that useful unless your DM runs a lot of ethereal/incorporeal enemies.
That's an interesting proposition. Though I would then be tempted to add another effect.
Hm, I need to look up force spells.

Any advice on an invocation that gives Warlocks the ability to Swallow Whole?

According to the SRD, unless otherwise stated, you could swallow a creature up to one size smaller than you, and a human warlock's jaws unhinging as he just eats a halfling is a... potent image IMO