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Great Hide
Least 2nd
Gain an enhancement bonus to natural armour (2+2/3levels. Maximum +10 at level 12). 24 hours.
Next time I build a warlock I think I'm using this one. I generally go super high AC with warlocks (Every type of bonus I can find, maxed out Dex, +5 armor and +5 mithril buckler, everything). I DMed with a warlock that went that way (they asked me to help them make a character who would survive things I did). At around 17th level his AC capped and he couldn't get it high enough to keep his nigh invincibility at 20th or at least against the things I sent at them (Advanced elemental colossal vermin) and this +5 additional bonus to AC would do have possibly done it. At 12th level, nothing would have hit him except touch attacks which would have been troublesome but if it was this or Eldritch Glaive hmm...

All in all great work, and thanks for the invocations, keep it up.