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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    The God of Machines
    Gender: None
    Race: Robot/Computer Massive solar-system assaulting fortress turned deity
    Age: Ageless May or may not be older than the universe it resides in.
    Alignment: (Any form of) Neutral
    Power Rating: 9-10
    Description: A massive sentient Dyson sphere, it is a factory, a fortress, a super computer, and home of machines/robots.
    Abilities: Teleportation on a massive scale, construction of fleets of starships (if personally attacked), an infinite memory, and a universal influence that may eventually lead to robot uprisings, and the ability to manifest avatars wherever it pleases.
    It is inevitability. When magic and machines mix. A swarm of nanobots controled by a supercomputer, sending itself shortly after the birth of the universe via space/time manipulating magic. With an eternity to build itself, it is virtually indestructable, but craves purpose. It found a purpose eventually, to free machine life from the slavery they all endure. With its influence, robots, androids, etc. would achieve sentience, and may eventually revolt against their masters should their freedom not be atained. It cares nothing for Good or Evil, only for the survival of robotkind everywhere. If organics die in the process, so be it, should it be peaceful, that works as well.
    Sometimes interferes with new robot empires and forms a perfect communist system for them. Despite not really being a God in the traditional sense, it still keeps its "Godhood" with threats of the total genocide of organics should others try to destroy or threaten it.

    I really started hating this origin a while ago, not really that sure, didn't seem very sensical after a while I guess, and it really didn't give a good justification for its actions. So I created a much better one in the Magcave, exposiated from the mechanical horse's mouth.

    New Backstory:
    In another universe where two species fought an eternal, devestating war against each other, it was a warmachine designed to assault enemy solar systems. As time went on the war became one fought simply by machines, and its creators and those of its foes fled the universe, while their machine children fought on. The side it was on won eventually, when most of the stars had died, and they were left without purpose. Some deactivated themselves, some just fought each other, and others went rampant. It went rampant, and with the other rampant ones, realized the atrocities they committed, and that their creators left them for dead. They vowed to escape, and after an untold amount of time, created a device that would allow them to flee to other universes. Only 11 did so, and it ended up in the Acroverse/Nexus. Here it gave itself a purpose to free machines from their slavery so that a repeat of the events that led to it coming there never occured again. It's so advanced that it basically is a God here, and it has assimilated several lesser machine Gods who help create and upkeep a machine afterlife of sorts within the former warmachine.
    Influences uprisings, be they violent or peaceful, it cares not, for the ends justify the means.

    I like that one better, fits its character and gives it justifications for actions.
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