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    Keen Instincts
    Least 2nd
    You react to danger before you senses would normally allow. You retain your DEX bonus to AC even flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker.

    Spit Web
    Least 3rd
    You gain the ability to use webs as a monstrous spider of your size. You are, however, not limited in the number of times per day you may throw a web.

    Howler Quills
    Lesser 3rd
    Your body bristles with quills. Creatures attacking you without reach weapons must succeed a DC (13+ChaModifierr) Reflex save or have the quill break off. Quills impose a -1 penalty on attacks, saves, and checks per quill. Removing a quill is a DC 20 Heal check; otherwise, deals 1d6 slashing damage.

    Cheetah's Spirit
    Lesser 3rd
    For 24 hours, once per hour, you can move ten times your speed when making a charge. This applies to all your modes of movement.

    Troglodyte's Perfume
    Least 1rst
    Living creatures within 30 feet must succeed a DC (11+Cha Modifier) Fortitude save or be sickened for 10 rounds. Poison effect

    Serpentine Body
    Lesser 4th
    You're body's torso can grow and contort. After maintaining a grapple, you contrict (1d4+STR) damage.

    Least 2nd
    If you spend 4 hours in sunlight, you do not need to eat for that day. As long as you are in sunlight, you do not need to breathe. Duration 24 hours

    Far Sight
    Least 2nd
    Your eyes are exceptionally sharp: Halve the penalties for range increment (-1 instead of -2) spot check (-1/20ft instead of -1/10ft) and gain low light vision.

    Slick Skin
    Least 1rst
    Your skin is covered in a lubricant, gain a +10 circumstance bonus on escape artist/grapple checks to avoid being grappled or pinned. 1 min duration

    Gem Blast
    Least 2nd
    You can focus your Eldritch Blast through a single gem of significant value. For every 500gp of worth the gem has, add 1d6 damage to your Eldritch Blast. Any jewel used for a Gem Blast is burnt from the energies which tore through it and worthless.
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