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    Default Re: Bleachitp Episode 30: Shiru vs Nukari! Broken friendship with a broken soul!

    Nukari's teeth clamp over the impossibly hard Hollow hierro of Shiru's fingers, probably hurting Nukari's teeth more than anything, but Nukari's next move is to swipe Shirubaru away, sending him flying to land several dozens of yards away with a nasty thump.

    I gave my arms and my jaw to protect a Quincy girl who hasn't even thanked me for it yet, Shirubaru says, as both of them climb to their feet and survey each other. And yet if I needed to, I'd gladly do it again. He grins. If that makes me a fool, well, I guess I'm happy just being a fool. It's not like I give a sh**.

    Rear your head and strike, Abokku!

    He levels his sword and charges, the blade steady. As he nears Nukari, he feints to the left, then swings low and hard to the right.
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