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    The Moff

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Elf
    Age: 23
    Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards lawful evil
    Class: Rogue
    Power Rating: 5
    Description: Moff has Long, dark, unkempt hair, is slightly on the small side in both hight and weight, and wears faded but expensive-looking clothes. He's fairly eccentric looking.
    Equipment and Abilities: a passably good thief, Moff's main talent is the art of negotiation and debate. He comes off fairly intelligent, but mostly, he's just extremely observant. His weapon of choice is a small knife he keeps on his person at all times, but he doesn't like using it unless he must.
    Backstory: Moff's parents were kind, honest people, with unfortunate tendencies to subject him to whatever idealistic scheme they had next to solve his apparent lack of morals. This instilled a fine knowledge of arguing and negotiating as he attempted to dodge his parent's plots, and to this day, an irrational anger at any who would keep him from talking or debating. Taking on the pseudonym The Moff, he set off to the city to seek his fortune as an adventurer. That lasted a week, before he ran out of money and started a profitable smuggling operation.
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