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Thanks. :D

Is it railroading if I have a plot set, they totally derail the plot (read: killed my freaking NPCs again and started an international war), and have to live with the consequences of their actions (read: joined up with the Evil group under implied threat of violence)? Or should they be allowed to do nearly anything they like, without regard to consequence? Because... saying "okay, you're chaotic evil now" doesn't seem like enough. XD
Depending on the players (some just want to kick down doors and kill dragons) I would generally say make sure that they understand that their actions have consequences. (And rookie mistake. Always keep 3-4 separate plots in your notes, chances are your big one will crumble before your eyes as that annoyed mage gets bored with your villain and decides to disintegrate him)

If they kill the king, the royal family will be out to get them with all their vast resources. If they're going on a rampage across the country, well there are gods for a reason in the campaign world.