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Thread: "Feat based" psionic system

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    Default "Feat based" psionic system

    I have wondered if psionics could work like savage worlds has it (and it's other "arcane backgrounds"). The way this works is like this: to manifest psionic powers you take a feat, which gives you 3 powers and a number of power points. You then can take feats that give you more power points, more powers, and ways to gain more power points quickly.
    Power points would most likely be regained at a steady rate of 1/period of time. This is a constant recharge. Feats would be availble to decrease the time it takes to regain power points. There are also two options for powers: we redisign them so there are a range of powers of similar levels balanced by their power point cost, or we make the highest level psionic power availible based on your character level. For the moment I am going to use the second option. If this system is used the psion could be implimented as a person who has dedicated his life to psionics, gaining more powers and power points than other characters.

    Psychic gift
    You have the ability to tap into the energy of your mind, manipulating it to produce effects.
    Prerequsites: Int 13, Wis 13, or Cha 13.
    Benifit: you imediately gain the ability to manifest psionic powers with a manifester level equal to your character level. You imediately gain 1 first level power and 3 power points. You regain power points at the rate of one per hour.

    rapid recharge
    Prerequisites: psionic talent, character level 9th.
    Benifits: You regain power points at the rate of one per three quarters of an hour.
    Special: You can gain this feat a second time, increasing the regain rate to one per half hour.
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