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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Sythier Greenlight

    Gender: Male
    Race: Golden Dragon
    Age: juvenile
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Class: N/A
    Affiliation: HALO
    Description: A golden Dragon with (obviously) golden wings, about the size of a house cat. He has penetrating violet eyes, and a long tail, with an arrowhead for a tip. He has spikes running up and down his back, except for where a small saddle would be placed.
    Equipment and Abilities: Mind Trick, fire breath, invisibility, and other unspecifieds.
    Backstory: Sythier was hatched by his mother, a powerful golden dragon, but given to the elf Sonder when evil men killed his mother.
    Miscellaneous: Sythier likes to fly, and sometimes lets mice ride on his back. He also likes cheese. And is a vegetarian. for now.


    Philip Greenlight

    Gender : Male
    Race : Elf
    Age : looks to be an 23 year old human.
    Alignment : Chaotic Good
    Affiliation : GLoG
    Class: Cleric of Deneir
    Description : looks almost exactly like Sonder, but with orange eyes.
    Equipment and Abilities : Black staff with diamond floating around the tip. Cleric stuff.
    Backstory : Philip was Sonder's twin brother, but followed a different path. Instead of learning from mother, father, and the mage trainer, he turned into a Cleric of the god Septim. When Sonder was sucked through the vortex, Philip looked for a portal to this ACRO, and found one. Now he wonders around looking for his brother.
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