Psychic gift
You have the ability to tap into the energy of your mind, manipulating it to produce effects.
Prerequsites: Int 13, Wis 13, or Cha 13.
Benifit: you imediately gain the ability to manifest psionic powers with a manifester level equal to your character level. You imediately gain 1 first level power and 3 power points. You regain power points at the rate of one per hour.
Game Breaking. Wild Talent doesn't give manifester levels. Even if wild talent were a prerequisite, it's still game breaking. Got a Psion 10/Wizard 10? Take this feat and suddenly you defeat the entire reason for being a wilder (gaining 10 manifester levels that aren't temporary). :P

How about a feat that involves regaining psionic focus? Or better yet, scrapping feats entirely and merging martial adepts (tome of battle) with psychics?