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    Mizeri Kordo
    (Yes, that's a 3-in-1 pun)
    Gender : Female
    Race : Winged Human (angel) with brown and black wings.
    Age : 22
    Alignment : Dunno
    Class : Warrior/Commander/Assassin/Corrupted Demon (at the moment)
    Description : Brown hair, black and brown wings.

    Except, now she put on the 'amulet of demonic corruption'. Her mind's still intact. Her wings have grown larger, spiked, and more terrifying. She has a tail, and horns now. Her skin seems to be mesmerizing, and has strange white symbols that seem to have a red glow under them.

    Equipment and Abilities:
    The mithril sheath happens to be The Scabbard of the Forgotten King. While worn the wielder possesses and air of importance, causing others to be more likely to heed them. Any sword stored inside will be magically enhanced with preternatural sharpness. In addition it can prevent an otherwise lethal wound once per day.

    Sword (she can make swords), misericorde (dagger used to mercy-kill knights, or kill while in a grapple), can fly.

    Also, has a pouch of 'ingrediants' to make healing stuff, poisons, and so on.

    Commanding army.

    Powers amplified by the demonic corruption.

    Backstory : Was Head Guard, healer, medic, name it.
    She also was the captain of an army.
    Also, was a medic and assassin in an assassination group.
    In addition, a shaman-like lady. Healing with herbs, can also use them to make poisons and stuff. In the footsteps of her mom.
    Mother died, because of magic, when Mizeri was 14 years old. As a result, she distrusts magic.
    Hannah was part of that group. Later, Hannah betrayed everyone.
    Has hundreds of cousins, all the males have become army commanders as well. Mizeri went against the flow, and didn't get married (when it was expected that she would get married at 16)

    Miscellanous : Played Chess as real-life battles.
    In love with Falgorn's Xanatos.
    Corrupted into demon.
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