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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Dawn, also known as Danica
    Gender: Female
    Race: Blood Elf, of Anglupang Dugo
    (Elf w/blood red skin)
    Age: 35, but appears 16 or 17 due to being an elf
    Alignment: Good enough
    Class: Girl, Flame dancer, (future) dragon tamer. Has been a Gladiator in the past.

    Description: Blood red skin, pointy ears.
    Also has a shadowy tattoo on one hand in the shape of a star.
    Long black hair. Fairly cute and innocent, or naive. Your choice what you want to call it.

    Equipment: Not much equipment at all

    and Abilities: Fire! She can create, control, and talk to fire...and so on. Like throwing fireballs out of thin air, launching flaming breath as a dragon, ignite on fire, turn into fire...and so on.
    Shadowy Tattoo: Given by Genesis in the Castle Silhouette; Dawn will do 1 thing for Genesis, whatever she asks.

    Backstory: Born in Anglupang Dugo, lived there. Was saved by a large black dragon, once. Had a friend, but he died in the war. Parents did an 'arranged-marraige' thing to be in an ugly fat guy's harem, so she ran. She has also been a Gladiator (to the death match) against other people, in order to stop the war that has been ravaging her civilization. She was the only one left alive between 15 and 50 years old, so of course she had to do it. She won.

    Other: Greatly likes anyone who rescues her.

    Also: Future HALO plot, has a dragon named Bloodlust. Black dragon, larger than a city.
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